Krav Maga San Diego Women's Self-Defense Training Program

KMSD Women's Self-Defense Seminars

Early Registration OPEN: Sunday, March 18, 2018, 1:30 - 4:30 PM 

Another one of San Diego's ONLY REAL Krav Maga Women's Self-Defense Seminars

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Don't bet your life on less than the BEST

Krav Maga San Diego: for all of your self-defense training needs

KMSD Women's Self-Defense Seminars are typically 3 hours of intense training held on a Sunday afternoon at the JCC; $50, Discounts and Scholarships are available.

KMSD Women's Self-Defense Workshops are typically 1 1/2 hours, held on site at your place of work, either after hours, or at lunchtime.

If you are looking to join San Diego’s most serious, successful, popular, and longest-running Krav Maga Women’s Self-Defense training event, you have found it. KMSD has San Diego’s ONLY real Krav Maga Women’s Self-Defense Seminar, ongoing for 26 years!

However, if you just want to have some “fun training” for recreation and socializing, or meet over the course of a few weekends with a group of women who don’t really want to work that hard, our 3 hour intense Seminars are not for you. Those recreational classes are offered by franchise businesses whose sole focus is generating income for their employer. If you’ve given your money to one of those businesses, we especially invite you to step up to KMSD‘s level of training.


  • Purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE for a friend / loved one to participate in this Seminar (NOTE that there are NO REFUNDS for these GIFT CERTIFICATES or for Registration)
  • Discounts are available for current KMSD students (1/2 price); prior KMSD Women’s Self-Defense Seminar attendees (1/2 price); and Military, Active Duty and Law Enforcement, F/T armed. See PAYMENT INFORMATION on the Registration Form.
  • Participants must be at least 13 years old; Women’s Weapons Threat Seminar, 16 years old.
  • Some measure of physical fitness is required for participation in all KMSD Women’s Self-Defense Seminars
  • See our Scholarship page for an opportunity to attend a KMSD Women’s Self-Defense Seminar at no cost

Every KMSD Women’s Self-Defense Seminar fills in advance, so please register as soon as Seminars are announced. 

  • KMSD Instructors who teach these Seminars / Workshops have the highest skill level anywhere; we know local San Diego scenarios! 
  • The sooner we receive more requests for these seminars, the sooner the next one will be. Submit your request via the drop-down menu on the Contact page.
  • We are the ONLY Krav Maga location in San Diego with a high percentage of female students in our regular classes (see our KMSD Facebook photos from our regular 8 week sessions).
  • Our life-saving Women’s Self-Defense Seminars are not simply social events, creating a false sense of security, and / or ending with an unrealistic looking “attacker” in a “red man” suit or “martian head” suit. 
  • We will not coddle you simply because you are a female; participating in weak training can be worse than no training.
  • In our regular 8 week sessions, female and male students work together to experieince different types of attackers, but some female students choose to only train in our regulary-scheduled, intense 3 hour KMSD Women’s Self-Defense Seminars.
  • KMSD was recently brought in by a Krav Maga school in New York City to teach our Women’s Self-Defense Seminar.


  • Using your Intuition; Avoiding Danger; How to NOT “Look Like a Victim”.
  • How / where to strike a potential attacker with an effective preemptive strike.
  • How to escape from the most likely attacks (San Diego-applicable). Typical techniques learned (although every seminar is different) may include defenses against the following: hairgrabs from behind; purse grabs; chokes, even with a larger attacker on top of you; headlocks from behind; knife threats; and more.
  • Scenario Training to defend yourself against male attackers (role-players wearing protective gear). These are usually Law Enforcement and Military KMSD students acting as role players (female students can participate in these drills on a voluntary basis).
  • Methods to teach you how to turn on your “Fighting Spirit” to use in an emergency situation to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Womens Self-Defense Seminar

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Our mailing address is KMSD, Inc.; P.O. Box 13453; La Jolla, CA 92039-3453

Our KMSD Women's Self-Defense Seminars have held in the same facility for 26 years: The Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center