Chris Meinhardt

Class 108

Chris began training with Krav Maga San Diego in September 2015. He previously trained in jiu-jitsu and the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), but after moving to a gentrifying neighborhood he wanted to learn a more practical system for real-life civilian self-defense. 

Chris spent four years as a Marine Corps communications officer, deploying to Afghanistan in 2010. 

He is a licensed civil engineer, holds an MBA from the University of San Diego, and currently works in commercial real estate lending.

Chris was certified as a Krav Maga San Diego Assistant Instructor in March 2019, and as a Krav Maga San Diego Instructor in December 2019.

Chris has earned a KMSD rank of Practitioner 5.

His hobbies include practical pistol shooting competitions, drinking bourbon, and traveling the country reviewing barbecue restaurants.


Krav Maga San Diego Civilian Instructor
Heads Up Concussion Training, CDC