Our mailing address is P.O. Box 13453, La Jolla, CA 92039

Students train as often as you like at any / all locations.

Just always Sign In upon arrival at the Training Location.

1.  (Pending reopening) Lawrence Family JCC4126 Executive Dr., La Jolla 92037 (UTC / Golden Triangle). KMSD’s Headquarters location for over 30 years.

JCC Classes (subject to change): Saturday mornings (2 classes, 1 hour each, starting at 8:30 AM); Wednesday evenings (3 classes, 1 hour each, starting at 6 PM); and Thursday evenings (3 classes, 1 hour each, starting at 7 PM). See the Facebook page, and Calendar page and hover over the class for any periodic changes in locations / times (there are three KMSD Levels at the JCC).

Parking is free. KMSD students may use either of the JCC parking lots – front or back, or the parking structure across the street (validate your ticket inside the JCC if gates are not locked in the up position). The Security Officers may occasionally direct you to use the parking structure.

Note: for specifically designated Outdoor Training events, Eastgate Park is adjacent to the JCC, on the southeast corner of Regents Rd., and Eastgate Mall, which is beyond right field of the ballpark (northwest corner of JCC property). Park in the back (or front) parking lots, or on Eastgate Mall. You can also park in the structure across Executive Dr. during special events, as they usually either have the gate open, or offer validation for free parking (see Guest Services in the JCC).

2. Balboa Park Scenario Training – on southeast corner of 6th Ave. and Laurel St. / El Prado, San Diego 92101

Balboa Park classes (1 hr; subject to change):  Saturday mornings, 9 – 10 AM. See the Facebook page and Calendar page and hover over the class for any periodic changes in locations / times (see below). These classes will focus on training students to use KMSD techniques in realistic situations and environments.

Parking is free all around the training area.

The Balboa Park Alternate Training Location is on the southwest corner of Park Boulevard and Presidents Way, San Diego 92101, known as the “Balboa Park Boulevard and Presidents Way Lawn”.

Beach Training – is held on the sand at the north end of “La Jolla Shores Park” public beach by the first oceanfront house (GoogleMap: “La Jolla Shores“). Parking is free in that lot and on El Paseo Grande, but the lot closes at 10 PM (check the signs there for updated hours). Wear whatever you want (i.e. your KMSD t shirt; bathing suit / shorts; barefoot / sandals; etc.). Handwraps are generally not worn (unless otherwise announced).