KMSD Scholarship Program


The Krav Maga San Diego Scholarship program is available for:

    1. one (1) student for every-other 3 Week Session 
    2. one (1) student for every KMSD Women’s Seminar or Workshop 
    3. there is currently one (1) partial Scholarship of $150 available for Class 129 for an Active Duty MIL student (donated by a MIL student who had received orders for new assigment)

To apply for a future KMSD Scholarship, Contact us as soon as Early Registration is announced for any event.

Submit a brief essay (150 – 250 words, in a .pdf form), telling us why you believe you are a good candidate for a KMSD Scholarship, either for a regular KMSD 3 week session (to train at any / all of our locations), or a KMSD Women’s Self-Defense Workshop or Seminar. Add as much detail as you like.

The Scholarship Committee will reply to every candidate before each event’s registration period closes.

KMSD Scholarships cover your entire registration fee.

Awardees of a Scholarship for the KMSD Women’s Self-Defense Workshop or Seminar should make arrangements to purchase a KMSD shirt.

Awardees of a Scholarship for a 3 week session are responsible for a KMSD shirt, handwraps, and forearm guards. Males should wear groin protection. All students are encouraged to wear mouthguards, but they are not mandatory (students assume all risk).

All KMSD Scholarship applicants must be at least 18 years old.

All submissions are confidential and remain the property of KMSD, Inc.

The KMSD Scholarship Program is funded by KMSD, Inc.