Safety in Training


All of our Instructors, Assistant Instructors, and AITs (Assistant Instructors-in-Training) are certified in the following minimum KMSD requirements:

CPR (Adult, + AED)

HEADS UP Concussion Awareness Training for Youth Sports Coaches (CDC – Center for Disease Control)

KMSD Lead Instructor Dana Ben Kaplan is certified by SafeSport. He has been a certified Official with USA Boxing since the late 1990’s, authorized to sign Restrictions Affidavits at sanctioned USA Boxing amateur events. These are usually issued when an amateur boxer receives a strong punch rendering the boxer unable to continue safely at that time. In KMSD’s Level 2 Physical class, we follow the same safety guidelines as USA Boxing, utilizing Restrictions Affidavits, and Medical Releases for your protection. If a student is issued a KMSD Restrictions Affidavit, both forms must be completed and signed by an examining Physician before a student is allowed to participate in any training where risk of head contact exists (e.g. Level 2 Physical class). These forms are always in possession of all KMSD Instructors and Assistant Instructors.


This is an Essential Safety Item to help prevent injury to your hands when punching pads full force, and to support your wrists when performing fall breaks. At KMSD, all students will wear them, as part of their KMSD New Student Starter Package, as well as a white KMSD shirt, and forearm guards. These items are also available separately. Wash new handwraps alone, as they will usually bleed ink. After washing, hang them to dry. Don’t put them in the dryer or they will shrink. A lot. After they are dry, roll them with the soft Velcro side in, so the thumb tab is out when you’re done. If you make a mistake, no big deal, just twist the wrap at the end when wrapping your hands. Refer to the your issued Guide, or to resources on the internet, for instructions on how to wrap up your hands. Your Instructors will provide a short class lesson on wrapping up. Also, ask your fellow students for help, which is also a way to get to know others in class. After using them in class, keep them unrolled and loose until you get home where you can stretch them out and hang them to dry before rolling them up. Bring your wraps to every class, and unless otherwise directed, wrap up before class begins, not during lineup. Mark them with your initials as “yours”. Most students purchase a spare pair, so when your primary wraps are still damp you can bring your secondary pair. Also, many students use long wraps (180″) as their primary pair because they are easier to wrap between the fingers. Both Regular (120″) and Long “180” handwraps are available in class with an Order Form.

Full Protective Gear
KMSD requires full protective gear for contact training to allow students in the Level 2 Physical class to be hit without worrying about injury, and to allow them to hit classmates without fear of injuring them. All gear must be inspected by a KMSD Instructor before use in class if it was NOT purchased through KMSD. This is for student’s safety. KMSD has protective gear available (only for our students), merchandise which represents a balance of good quality and affordable price, usually saving the students the shipping cost. Training boxing gloves with Velcro closure must be 16 oz. (lighter for some students; see an Instructor), with 3-or-more layers of foam. Headgear must have full cheek and chin protection. Shinguards must have full protection over the shoe; no “hard” Muay Thai shinguards, or “soft” cloth covered foam, or dipped foam karate shinguards. Groin Protection (optional for females) must be hard plastic or metal. Mouthguard must be high-quality and specifically designed for boxing. Forearm Guards must have cloth-covered foam padding on both sides (covering both radius and ulna).

Safe Conduct in Class
KMSD and all Instructors / Assistant Instructors, operate under SafeSport guidelines. The US Center for SafeSport is an independent nonprofit committed to ending all forms of abuse in sport. Instructors and students will conduct themselves appropriately at all times, including before, during, and after training sessions, workshops, and exams. It is the job of KMSD to provide for your safety during training, and help you achieve your goals. KMSD will not tolerate anyone losing their temper in class, verbally or physically. If you simply walk out of class before final lineup, you have quit. Students will NOT possess functional weapons during training at any time (training knives are allowed, e.g. “blue knives”, “red knives”, etc., and must be presented to an Instructor initially for inspection). It is the responsibility of all students to report any activity which they suspect may create an unsafe training situation.