Shop Instructions

Note that only students who have trained with Krav Maga San Diego may purchase / wear KMSD shirts. Please do not test us on this, you will NOT receive a refund.

Level 1 students (both New and Continuing) may purchase any color shirt, but may only wear white KMSD shirts in class (cotton or drifit) until they have passed their Practitioner 1 Exam.

To purchase items, click this Shop link or the one above, on the main menu.

Level 1 students wear white shirts in class (cotton or drifit).

Colored shirts are worn at Street Clothes Training, Beach Training, Seminars, and outside of class. 

Level 2 and Level 3 students wear any colored or white shirts in class.

SpecOpsDiv students may wear SpecOpsDiv shirts in any class; see the Order Form (available in class), as these shirts are not available on the Shop page.

White shirts (cotton or drifit) are worn by all students while participating in Exams.
Any shirt may be worn during Workshops (prior to the Exam).

Two (2) ways to make a purchase:

  1. Shop page (not all merchandise is available online; remember that nothing is available for shipping)
  2. Order Form (available in class) 

To then receive your shirt(s) or other gear, students should either use the Contact page, or email us ( ), to let us know when you’ll definitely next be in class. If you used an in-class Order Form, ask for your Order Form back to complete “date received” and then return the form to the Instructor when they hand you your shirt(s) / merchandise.

If you don’t ask for your shirts or merchandise, you’ll never receive them.

KMSD does not ship anything, ever (we may make an exception for a mask). Please do not test us on this, you will NOT receive a refund.

NOTE: There is a $50 KMSD fee if you simply stop payment on your check, or if your check is returned by the bank for Non-Sufficient Funds.