FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Our upcoming session will be 6 weeks, Thursday nights, in the JCC, March 7th through April 11.

Registration will open soon. See the Registration Forms under Register on the menu.

How much does KMSD charge? 

Our 3 week session is $50, and our 6 week session is $100, for all students, all Levels; no discounts apply. Note that this class is NOT open to minors, and is probably not appropriate for seniors.

For our regular 8 week sessions (resumption dates TBD):

All fees listed below increase by $50 when Early Registration ends, and Late Registration begins (8 week sessions)

Our low rates are based on joining an 8 week session. That’s it. There are NO “monthly dues” and absolutely NO commitment beyond that. You must read “BEFORE you register with KMSD!“. Our program is not like others. We are not a “franchise business”, so if that’s what you’re looking for, KMSD will not be for you. 

Visiting Student Drop-In Training Rate (during 8 week session): $20 / day for visitors to San Diego who train at any other krav maga location.

$250 for your first 8 week session (but see Discounts, below), and $200 per 8 week session after that, forever (but see Discounts, below).

That works out to $100 per month for KMSD Continuing Students for the 10 months of actual training per year (but see Discounts, below) for those who have completed at least one 8 week session with KMSD – $200 for each 8 week session.
$125 per month for New Level 1 Students (but see Discounts, below) for your first 8 week session, but only for your 1st 8 week session with KMSD; includes a pair of handwraps / guide.

DISCOUNTS for regular 8-week sessions

$50 off per 8-week session for students in the following groups:

  1. Military personnel (active duty)
  2. Purple Heart recipients
  3. Law Enforcement Officers (full time)
  4. Firefighters (professional)
  5. Paramedics (full time, in the field)

$25 off per 8-week session for:

  1. JCC members
  2. Continuing students who refer a NEW Level 1 student (please verify that the New Student has registered and paid before taking the Discount)
  3. Military Dependents
  4. Participants (paid) in the most recent KMSD Women’s Seminar (New Students only, Discount can be only used once)

One discount per person, per session, please. Take the best one you qualify for.

If paying by check / money order, make them out to, “Krav Maga San Diego, Inc.

There is a $50 KMSD fee if you simply stop payment on your check, or if your check is returned by the bank for Non-Sufficient Funds.

NOTE: there are NO REFUNDS for fees paid.

Do I have to pay in advance? Or can I first come and “try it out”?

For our 3 & 6 week sessions, registration and payment online must be completed before your name is added to the front desk Security List. No visitors.

If you are unsure if you want to commit to an 8 week training session, when they resume, register for an 8 week session, pay with a check (instead of credit card / PayPal), participate in your first class, and then if you don’t want to continue, just ask us to cancel your registration through the Contact page. We’ll reply with a confirmation and then destroy your check and delete your Registration. But most students who train the first day end up staying. If you are thinking about observing another krav maga location, please visit them first to see for yourself why our students regularly drive past other krav maga schools in San Diego and beyond to train with KMSD.

*NOTE – Credit Card / PayPal registrants can NOT receive a refund for the 3 week session. When 8 week sessions resume, it is sometimes possible depending on the student’s situation to receive a credit which can be transferred to the next 8 week session, or gifted to a New student for the next 8 week session. Students may use the Buy Now / PayPal buttons on the Register page, or mail a check / money order to our Administrative Office address, made out to: Krav Maga San Diego, Inc. Please make sure your check has the name of the student listed on it, and is signed and filled out completely.

The Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center (LFJCC) should not be asked to accept anything at all for Krav Maga San Diego. Students who attempt to register by bringing a check or money order directly to the JCC, or mailing it to the JCC, instead of mailing it to Krav Maga San Diego, will not be registered for the training and their place will be given to a waiting student, even if they have completed Registration online.

Classes fill up quickly and registration closes in advance. Priority is given to students who are referred by current students.

If you are not using a credit card / PayPal, then mail your check / money order to:

Krav Maga San Diego, Inc.
P.O. Box 13453
La Jolla, CA 92039

Email us asking for confirmation that we received your check / money order. Then, come dressed to train the first day of the session.

You must have completed Registration online before beginning your first class!

NOTE: there are NO REFUNDS for fees paid.

Can I come visit classes?

NOT during 3 or 6 week sessions. Yes, when 8 week sessions resume. You must follow instructions: use our Contact page with a few days advance notice to let us know what day and which location you’d like to come visit  We’ll need a separate request from each adult visitor with name(s). Interested students should visit more than one of our classes, as we meet regularly in different training venues each week. We must have your first and last name, and a valid email address before your visit.

NOTE: visiting to observe class (vs. visiting to “participate” in a “free” class) allows you to see how all of KMSD’s experienced, highly-trained Instructors interact with the entire student group. A “free class” in which you “participate” is a trick; fun, but it tunnel-focuses your attention, and is therefore almost worthless, because you can’t watch the whole class and evaluate how the Instructors run the training program. And, you can’t just ‘drop in’ to participate in a class during a truly progressive 8 week session while students are already moving through a training pipeline. Anywhere which allows you to train anytime you want is running a gym, not offering a training package. That’s why money-oriented schools have ‘ad hoc’ lesson plans where any day can be your first day. At KMSD, students in each Class start and end that particular 8 week session together and travel through a training pipeline as a team. 

NOTICE: the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center is a secure facility with armed security. Everyone entering the property is subject to video surveillance, and consents to search and security procedures.

Can I come train if I’m not a KMSD student?

Krav Maga students from out of town, who are visiting San Diego: you are welcome to join KMSD classes as a Drop-In Student regardless of which Krav Maga organization you train with. Just use our Contact page with a few days advance notice to let us know how long you’ve been training in Krav Maga; your current “rank”; where you train; and who your instructor is. Then, in advance, request a KMSD Drop-In Training Student Registration.

Always check the website Calendar page and Facebook page right before arriving for class to see any late changes.  

NOTICE: the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center is a secure facility with armed security. Everyone entering the property is subject to video surveillance, and consents to search and security procedures.

What are KMSD classes like? 

(Pending resumption of 8 week sessions): Students participate in a multi-week training package. Although the training pipeline is progressive, each student works at their own pace. There is no need to notify us in advance as to which day(s) you are coming to class. Just sign in upon arrival for every class which you’ll be training in. Every class is different. Some students train once a week. Some others train in every class they can, and then again on every non-class day. 

  • All KMSD students may attend unlimited Balboa Park, and Level 1 JCC classes (totaling 4 per week / ~16 per month).
  • KMSD Level 2 students may attend unlimited Balboa Park, and Level 1 and Level 2 JCC classes.
  • KMSD Level 3 students may attend unlimited classes.
  • Some students attend 4 time per week, others once a week; most attend 2 – 3 times a week.
  • All KMSD students / visitors may observe all classes (except SpecOpsDiv training).
  • Students arrive early enough to class to take into account parking time, and should have their hands wrapped up before class lineup (KMSD will supply handwraps to brand new students after the 1st week; or you may use your own).
  • Upon arrival at every single class, students print their name on the Sign-in List under the column for their level class(es), at the entrance to whichever room / area where class is held that day, and then replace the clipboard where it belongs. 
  • There will always be a short warmup at the start of class, which is designed to prevent injury, increase flexibility, and build endurance and strength.
  • Level 1 students are invited to stay for the warmup of all Level 2 classes at the JCC, and more experienced students commonly join lower level classes to review and help the newer students. If you’re just staying for the warmup you don’t need to sign in for that class. If you end up staying for the class, sign in afterwards.
  • The Level 2 Technical class at the JCC on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM (subject to change) focuses more on the “technical” aspects of the system, allowing students to learn new material without intense conditioning.
  • The Level 2 Physical class at the JCC on Wednesday evenings at 8 PM (subject to change) works within the same level of techniques, but allows students to experience a higher level of physical and mental conditioning and fitness.
  • Scenario Training on Sundays in Balboa Park will involve students of all Levels.
  • Students attaining the rank of Practitioner 4 and above are usually invited to attend Level 3 classes at the JCC
  • The theme in all of our KMSD training is “help each other out”.

Please be aware that KMSD classes are designed for serious training, and and our programs are not like “typical” strip mall, storefront, industrial park, health club, or college recreation  programs!

I’m the type of person who seems to get bored easily in my workouts (and almost anything I do). How will this be different?

One thing that KMSD students can all say is that the Instructors never present a boring class. Every single KMSD class since inception in 1992 has been different. Students will always be challenged physically, mentally, and tactically. The Instructors never lose focus of their mission: to train students for real encounters in the street. Every drill, lesson, and exercise is designed towards this goal. 

I’m very concerned about Safety in Training.

So are we. Safety during your training is actually our #1 priority, and KMSD is probably the safest Krav Maga training program anywhere.

Much of this information pertains to 8 week sessions.

  • New students must get a pair of handwraps. It’s basic safety gear to protect your hands and wrists during repeated punches / fall breaks during training. NOTE: if you visit a school which allows students to punch anything hard without wearing handwraps, they are not serious about looking after your personal safety.
  • All protective gear MUST be inspected by an Instructor prior to use during any class.
  • KMSD’s Lead Instructor is an Official with USA Boxing, and KMSD operates under similar safety guidelines, including utilizing a Restrictions Affidavit when needed.
  • All Instructors and Assistant Instructors are required to maintain current CPR Certification, as well undergo further emergency medical training.
  • KMSD always has Military / Law Enforcement personnel in class.
  • No “losing your temper” is allowed. Students unable to control themselves will be removed from the program. There are no refunds.
  • No students may carry a live weapon (e.g. edged weapon, or concealed handgun) while training.
  • Our Headquarters JCC location is a secure facility: multiple full-time armed security personnel, video surveillance, etc. are always present.
  • KMSD provides Workplace Active Shooter Training and has provided training to some of the most high-risk facilities in San Diego.

What if I’m not currently in my best physical condition?

That’s OK. Krav Maga is designed to teach everybody how to defend themselves. Students work at their own pace, although we always encourage a strong workout, and everybody is challenged physically. Nobody should avoid learning how to defend themselves because they’re not an athlete. All students will get in better shape during the course; you will increase your flexibility, endurance, speed, strength, environmental awareness, and self-confidence. Many students lose a lot of weight! You must ask your doctor if it’s OK to participate in this type of training if you have any physical limitation / injury.

Note that some measure of physical fitness is required to participate in our classes.

Who are these classes for?

Krav Maga San Diego typically attracts a wide variety of students who share some things in common

  • a desire to increase their self-confidence and ability to realistically defend themselves and their loved ones
  • an interest in maintaining physical fitness in a non-threatening environment
  • having some fun while training with like-minded people (but note that our classes are not designed as “fun Krav Maga”)

Participants typically include

  • Military personnel (who make up a significant % of Krav Maga San Diego members)
  • Law Enforcement personnel (who make up a significant % of Krav Maga San Diego members)
  • College students
  • Athletes
  • Busy professionals
  • Many others, e.g. entertainment figures, artists, homemakers, etc.
  • Regular people

KMSD classes have everyone from *teens through middle-aged (*see below). This training is NOT appropriate for most seniors. Please visit 8 week session classes before you register. You can arrange this through the Contact page. We will have students with no experience at all, as well as accomplished martial artists from other systems, and Military / Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructors (see “Discounts”, under “How much does KMSD charge?” above)

*Teens: Our minimum age for classes in the 3 or 6 week sessions is 18 years old; in the regular 8 week sessions it’s 16 years old. Minor teens should make arrangements to visit several classes during the 8 week sessions with a parent / guardian to be interviewed by an Instructor prior to the 8 week session they want to enroll in. Teens who are being forced into class by a parent will not be accepted into any KMSD training program.

Should I join with a partner?

You can, and many do, but you don’t need to, as you’ll meet many people in class sharing your interest in learning Krav Maga San Diego techniques, tactics, and strategy in an intense 8 week session of serious training, and partners will be provided for you. Students are asked to please introduce themselves and talk to each other while waiting for class to start. Often, couples, parents/teenagers, teammates, coworkers, and friends join together to train with each other, but at different times during the class students will change partners. Our Krav Maga San Diego, Inc. Facebook Private Group page is open to all KMSD students, where they can arrange to meet outside of class for extra training, or other events.

Are there colored belts like in martial arts? How does the rank system work?

Krav Maga San Diego uses a ranking system signified by a patch on the pants. The ranks are Practitioner 1 – 5, Graduate 1 – 5, and Expert. The ranks (Practitioner / Graduate / Expert) are somewhat aligned with traditional martial arts belt progression, but the KMSD rank system generally allows for students to learn “higher” techniques sooner, and test more often than a belt system, if they choose to do so. KMSD is especially recognized around the world and locally as having a higher standard of training / ranking. Note that all students participating in a KMSD test must have been students in the 8 week session immediately prior to the Exam. All new students start out in the Level 1 Class without any rank, and are usually invited to participate in a Practitioner 1 Exam after completing 2, 3, or more of the 8 week Level 1 sessions. Following this, most students are invited to attend the Level 2 classes, although many choose to continuing their training in Level 1, even for several sessions, to reinforce the basic, important Krav Maga principles and techniques.  Most, but not all, Practitioner 4 students are invited to participate in the Level 3 classes. There are separate fees for workshops and testing. At Krav Maga San Diego, unlike other local schools, teaching and “doing” are distinctly separated. High ranking Krav Maga students may not have the tools to teach Krav Maga, while lower ranking Krav Maga students may possess the talent to be recommended to the Assistant Instructor Certification Course (AICC). Those qualities include safety in training; respect toward the Instructors and fellow students; maturity; self-control; volunteerism; and other qualities recognized by the Instructor Staff.
Krav Maga San Diego is San Diego’s premier, established, world-recognized international rank testing location. Students ranked by other lower-level krav maga organizations have requested and received permission to test with KMSD, as our exams are considered to be more valid and much more thorough than the typical franchise-style monthly-membership “krav maga” program you’ll find elsewhere.

Can I join a session already in progress?

Not during a 3 or 6 week session. And probably not during an 8 week session. We sometimes allow experienced Krav Maga students to join an ongoing session, pending Instructor approval (after Early Registration closes, all students pay Late Registration rates). New Students generally will not be admitted after Late Registration closes, but will be placed on the Contact list for the next session. You must have completed your Registration online and finished the payment process before beginning any training session; no exceptions.

What do I need to wear to class? 

Students should wear a KMSD shirt to all classes; Level 1 students wear white (cotton or drifit); Practitioner 1 and above may wear colored KMSD shirts. They can be purchased online and then picked up at class prior to lineup.  If you don’t have or can’t get a KMSD shirt, please wear a white-based shirt.

In addition, we don’t advertise our political / religious beliefs to our students, so please respect your Instructors and fellow students the same way, and do not wear clothing with “messages”. This is a place where everyone can be free from politics and get away from societal conflicts for the duration of class. Don’t test us on this issue.

There are NO uniforms at Krav Maga San Diego! It’s not a karate dojo. Just wear athletic shoes with non-marking soles (cross training or running shoes, etc.); long pants (i.e. BDUs, sweats, karate pants, etc.), and a short or long sleeved t-shirt (no tank tops please, unless it’s a Street Clothes class). A long sleeved shirt is recommended for Outdoor Classes, as you’ll likely be on the grass. Our “uniform” shirt is a KMSD t shirt, and pants are the 5.11 Stryke pant, available to KMSD students at a 25% Discount through a local supplier; use the Contact page to send us a request for purchasing information. If you are a Level 2 student, please attach your KMSD rank patch to your left front leg. New students are asked to buy a white Krav Maga San Diego t shirt as soon as possible (Level 1 students wear white KMSD shirts, cotton or drifit, in class), by either filling out an Order Form in class, or using the SHOP page on our website, and we suggest getting the KMSD New Student Starter Package when 8 week sessions resume; it includes handwraps, and forearm guards. Colored shirts can be worn outside of class until you are a Level 2 student. A long sleeved shirt is recommended for Outdoor Classes, as you’ll likely hit the grass. Some students wear gloves as well.

Boxing handwraps should be worn to all classes unless otherwise indicated. You can purchase them through the Shop page of our website.  Most students purchase an extra set, so you have a pair to use while another pair is drying, or in need of a wash – please be considerate of your fellow students.

Male students should wear hard plastic, or metal (e.g. Muay Thai) groin protection. It’s not mandatory in Level 1 class / training, however.

Leave your watch, jewelry, etc. at home or in a gym bag at the side of the room. It’s a good idea to bring some of your own medical supplies for minor scratches, etc., e.g. band aids, a washcloth, etc.

Krav Maga San Diego, Inc., and the Lawrence Family JCC are not responsible for lost or stolen property.

When making a purchase through the KMSD Order Form, carefully read the instructions at the top and fill it out completely. You may print your form and hand it to an Instructor in class if you are paying with cash or check. Cash should be placed in the folded form and handed to an instructor (send us an email afterwards alerting us to cash payment). Checks / money orders are made out to: “Krav Maga San Diego, Inc.”.

Beach Classes – almost anything goes. Barefoot, aquasocks, sneakers, sandals, etc. T shirt or no top (males); shorts / swim trunks. No hats, sunglasses, watches / jewelry. You can bring a towel and change of clothes (and drinking water). There are outdoor showers, changing areas / restrooms, and a water fountain nearby.

How should I prepare for each class? 

Firefighters call it Pre-Hydration: which involves drinking water / electrolyte solution during the heat of the day before responding to a wildfire. KMSD students need to drink water before each class, but not right before class. Pre-hydration also helps prevent soft tissue injuries, e.g. Achilles tendon strains / sprains. Wrap your hands before lineup and bring all your gear to every class unless otherwise directed.

This is especially true on Saturday and Sunday mornings, when students should also eat lightly well before class (definitely finish eating at least an hour-and-a-half prior to class start time).

For Outdoor Training, always use the restroom before arriving to class, and bring water

For Safety in Training, and consideration / respect toward your Instructors and fellow KMSD students, please adhere to the following before arriving for classes:

  • Shower, and wash your hair.
  • Use deodorant or antiperspirant.
  • Clean under and trim/file your fingernails.
  • Bring a clean shirt for each class you are attending.
  • Keep two (2) paper and two (2) plastic grocery bags in your gym bag / kit. These may be used for vision-obstructed training.
  • Use clean wraps; just wash them in a sink after class and hang them up, they will be dry overnight (if you’re in an 8 week session, purchase a spare pair to keep in your gym bag, they are inexpensive).
  • You don’t need to wear cologne/perfume, as we are in close proximity with others who may have allergies, but try not to smell bad. Although an attacker may very well be dirty and smelly, let’s make this aspect of “realistic training” something which we leave outside of class.
  • Please don’t chew gum in class, ever, at any KMSD training location.

Always check your email and the KMSD Facebook page right before class for any late changes.  

What about Street Clothes Training?

  • Street Clothes Training for Krav Maga was pioneered in San Diego for krav maga over 31 years ago in 1992 by KMSD to offer students a more realistic Krav Maga training environment. Now imitated by lesser schools, it remains a regularly scheduled part of KMSD training during every 8 week session.
  • Plan to wear clothes similar to what you wear on the job (e.g. uniform, business attire); when you are out at night; at school; etc.
  • For safety, wear closed toed shoes for warmup (i.e. regular athletic shoes). After warmup, you may change your shoes.
  • Keys, watches, jewelry, etc. should still be kept in your gym bag on the side of the room.
  • Ladies may wear dresses / skirts with shorts underneath, and can change into shoes with heels after warmup ends.
  • Remember that you may hit the ground, and could be training under harder conditions than some clothes are designed for, so don’t wear anything too nice. This is especially true when Street Clothes Training is combined with Outdoor Training.
  • Absolutely no functional weapons (e.g. pocket knives) are allowed to be carried by students during training.
  • See Photos of past Street Clothes Training on our Facebook page.
  • All other items listed in “How should I prepare for each class?” (above) remain in effect.

What about Outdoor Training?

  • Outdoor Training was pioneered in San Diego for krav maga over 31 years ago in 1992 by KMSD to offer students a more realistic Krav Maga training environment. Now imitated by lesser schools, it remains a regularly scheduled part of KMSD training during every 8 week session.
  • Always use the restroom before arriving to class, and bring water!
  • Plan to wear clothes which will get dirty / muddy when you hit the ground – you can reserve at least one of your white KMSD shirts for this training. This is especially true when Street Clothes Training is combined with Outdoor Training.
  • A long sleeved shirt is recommended for Outdoor Training, as you’ll likely hit the grass; some students wear gloves as well.
  • You’ll be training under harder conditions than some clothes are designed for, so so don’t wear anything too nice. This is especially true when Street Clothes Training is combined with Outdoor Training.
  • Keys, watches, jewelry, etc. should still be kept in your gym bag. When training at Eastgate Park adjacent to the JCC, is placed on the west or south picnic tables / benches (the east picnic table / bench closest to the JCC buildings are reserved for KMSD materials, e.g. Sign In clipboard, Order Form clipboard, Instructor materials, etc.). At Balboa Park, your Instructor will give directions.
  • See Photos of past Outdoor Training on our Facebook page.
  • All other items listed in “How should I prepare for each class?” (above) remain in effect.

Does KMSD offer private training?

Yes. Please contact our KMSD Office at “” to request (by email) KMSD Rate Guides, and KMSD Private Training Applications  and Registrations.

Some students will learn self-defense skills at a faster, individual pace with KMSD Private Training and would not progress as efficiently in a group / class setting. And some KMSD students in the regular sessions combine their class training with KMSD Private Training (Discounts apply for these students). Many KMSD students participate in an hour or two of Private Training leading up to an Exam. In any of these cases, one-on-one training with an experienced KMSD Instructor may be for you. Small Private Group Training is also available. Travelers who are journeying to a potentially dangerous area; college students preparing to leave home for school; Executive Businesspeople concerned about personal safety and potential kidnapping are all examples of those who have benefited greatly from KMSD Private Training, which can be held in the La Jolla area; Balboa Park; or at your location of choice, if suitable.

Krav Maga San Diego, Inc. reserves final decision regarding any Private Training agreements. 

Please note that all fees for KMSD Private Training are non-refundable and private training hours must be used within a set period of time. 

Does KMSD offer Gift Certificates? 

Yes, but only after the specific training event is announced. See our Shop page to to purchase a KMSD Gift Certificate, for yourself to use at a later date, or for a friend, loved one, or fellow student.

  • Regular multi-week sessions
  • Drop-In Training, good for all classes (which the student is eligible for); for those with experience in Krav Maga
  • Seminars held periodically on various topics

We will email the KMSD Gift Certificate (as a .pdf file attachment) to the recipient, or to you, so you can:

  1. print it on paper of your choice and give to someone as a gift, or
  2. email the Certificate to your recipient (as a .pdf file attachment)

Recipients of any KMSD Gift Certificate must:

  1. complete Early Registration before attending their first class in the session in which it’s to be redeemed, or well before the Workshop / Seminar
  2. mail the Certificate to our P.O. Box, or scan it and email it as an attachment, before the session begins or before the Workshop / Seminar

You may even buy one for a Continuing Student. We will forward the Certificate to them (anonymously, if requested); if they don’t want to accept it, we’ll ask them to pass it forward to another student.

Please note that all fees for KMSD Gift Certificates are non-refundable.

Do you negotiate trades for the registration fee?

Yes. Please contact Dana Ben Kaplan, Lead Instructor, at “” with details of what you are interested in proposing for trade. Visit our Contact page to request a trade. Krav Maga San Diego Inc. reserves final decision regarding any trade agreements. If in doubt, just let us know what you do, and we may contact you.
Currently open trade categories: WordPress Website Design / update; Social Media; Military Liaison

Does KMSD ever do “fitness challenges”, or “groupon”, or “living social”, or a “free introductory class”, or “free trial class”, or “complimentary 1st class”, or “free 10 day trials”, or “12 month contracts”, or “vip packages”, or “summertime specials”, or “family packages”, or “punch-cards”?


Does KMSD appear on local morning TV, or podcasts, or online interviews?

No. We don’t need to resort to that. Word of mouth.

Does KMSD post videos online, like on a YouTube channel, or Facebook demos?

No. The bad guys have smartphones too. Responsible Krav Maga Instructors select whom they teach. Members of our Private KMSD Live Online Training Facebook page have access to videos of prior Online classes they’ve either attended, or missed.

Does KMSD advertise anywhere on the internet?

No. We don’t need to resort to that. Word of mouth. NOTE: Beware of unscrupulous “krav maga” instructors who advertise on the internet with the title, “Krav Maga San Diego” or something very similar, clicking on which takes the user to their website. WE are Krav Maga San Diego, Inc. Nobody else.