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Women’s Self-Defense Seminar: Sunday morning, August 11 Registration OPEN

6 week session: August 8 – September 12, Thursday evenings, 1 1/2 hr classes; Registration almost full

At the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center

To be admitted to the JCC, Security MUST have your name on the list of registered students allowed to enter the building 

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ALL students must click on THIS LINK  before registering for Krav Maga San Diego training.

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AUGUST 2024 6 week Session; Women’s Self-Defense training

JULY 2024 6 week Session 

JUNE 2024 6 week Session

MAY 2024 6 week Session

APRIL 2024 6 week Session

MARCH 2024 6 Week Session; 3-Day International Jewish Conference in LA

FEBRUARY 2024 3 week Session

JANUARY 2024 3 week Session; Women’s Self-Defense Seminar; Private Workshop, Jewish group

DECEMBER 2023 3 Week Session

NOVEMBER 2023 3 Week Session

OCTOBER 2023 Israel: Operation Swords of Iron (Office Closures)

SEPTEMBER 2023 Corporate Workshop; Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

AUGUST 2023 Homeless Shelter Self-Defense Workshop

JULY 2023 Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

JUNE 2023 Corporate / Private Training Events

MAY 2023 Israel: Operation Shield and Arrow (Office Closures)

APRIL 2023 Gun Threat Seminar; Women’s Seminar

MARCH 2023 Demonstrations; Special Events

FEBRUARY 2023 Private and Corporate Training Events

JANUARY 2023 Intro & Beyond Krav Maga Seminar
& Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

DECEMBER 2022 Private Training Gift Certificates

NOVEMBER 2022 Scenario Seminar – to be rescheduled

OCTOBER 2022 Women’s 3-hour Self-Defense Seminar

SEPTEMBER 2022  Registration OPENs for Women’s Seminar

AUGUST 2022  Women’s 1.5-hour Self-Defense Workshop

JULY – AUGUST 2022 Poway Hospital Staff 5-week Course

JULY 2022 Gun Threat Defense Seminar

JUNE 2022 Women’s 3-hour Self-Defense Seminar

MAY 2022  Lead Instructor Firefighting Deployment to Israel

APRIL 2022  Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

MARCH 2022 Private Self-Defense Workshop

FEBRUARY 2022 Intermediate & Beginning Seminar

JANUARY 2022 Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

DECEMBER 2021 Holiday Break

NOVEMBER 2021 Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

OCTOBER 2021 Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

SEPTEMBER 2021 3rd Party Protection Seminar

AUGUST 2021 Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

JULY 2021 Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

JUNE 2021 Knife Attack Defense Seminar

APRIL 2021 Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

MARCH 2021 Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

FEBRUARY 2021 Gun Threat Defense Workshop

JANUARY 2021 Knife Threat Defense Workshop

NOVEMBER 2020 Combo session (Online + Outdoor Distanced)

OCTOBER 2020 Combo session (Online + Outdoor Distanced)

SEPTEMBER 2020 Combo session (Online + Outdoor Distanced)

AUGUST 2020 Online + Outdoor Training for Continuing Students (No Charge)

JULY 2020 Online + Outdoor Training for Continuing Students (No Charge)

JUNE 2020 Online Training for Continuing Students (No Charge)

MAY 2020 Live Online Training Classes

APRIL 2020 Live Online Training Classes

MARCH 2020 Mid-Class switch to Live Online Training Classes; Class 128: March – May

FEBRUARY 2020 Class 128 Early Registration Opens Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

JANUARY 2020 Class 127: January – February

DECEMBER 2019 Early Registration Open Class 127

NOVEMBER 2019 Third Party Protection Seminar

AUGUST 2019 Class 126: August – October

JULY 2019 Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

JUNE 2019 Class 126: Start Date TBD

MAY 2019 Class 126: Early Registration opens soon

APRIL 2019 Women’s Weapons Threats and Self-Defense Seminar

MARCH 2019 Class 125: starts week of Sunday, March 31

FEBRUARY 2019 Targeted Training: Gun Threat Defenses

JANUARY 2019 Class 124: January–March; Vehicle Seminar

DECEMBER 2018 Annual Holiday Event

NOVEMBER 2018 Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

OCTOBER 2018 Class 123: October – December; Testing

SEPTEMBER 2018 Targeted Training: Knife Defenses–(x2); Street Clothes Week; Targeted Training: Gun Threats; Patriot Day event: Sunday, September 9 (no classes)

AUGUST 2018 Class 122: August – October; Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

JULY 2018 Street Fighting Seminar

JUNE 2018 Street Clothes Week

MAY 2018 Class 121: May – July

APRIL 2018 Targeted Training: Random Shooter / Knifer; Law Enforcement-model PAT class; JCC Park Outdoor Training Events (x2); Hiking Event

MARCH 2018 Women’s Self-Defense Seminar; Class 120 starts

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Our mailing address is:

KMSD, Inc.; P.O. Box 13453; La Jolla, CA 92039

Our Headquarters were established over 32 years ago in:

The Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center

4126 Executive Dr., La Jolla, CA 92037 


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