2024 Scheduled Upcoming KMSD Seminars & Workshops

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Past KMSD Seminars & Workshops

  1. Multi-Day SWU International Conference
  2. Women’s Self-Defense Seminar
  3. Jewish Group Private Workshop
  4. Women’s Self-Defense Seminar (w/Guest Instructor)
  5. Homeless Shelter Self-Defense Workshop
  6. Private Off-To-College Young Women’s Workshop
  7. Gun Threat Defense Seminar
  8. Poway: Temple Demonstration
  9. Intro & Beyond Seminar
  10. Women’s Self-Defense Workshop
  11. Poway Health Care Facility 5-week Course
  12. Gun Threat Defense Seminar – 3 hours
  13. Women’s 3-hr Self-Defense Seminar
  14. Mexican – Jewish Teen Group Workshop
  15. Alcohol-Free Meetup Group Self-Defense Workshop
  16. Destination Travel Group – Rancho Bernardo, Self-Defense Workshop
  17. Jewish Congregation Self-Defense Training
  18. Private School Teachers / Administrators Workshop
  19. Girl Scout Troop Self-Defense Training
  20. Intermediate & Beginning Level KMSD Seminar
  21. Tzofim Israeli Scouts Workshop
  22. 3rd Party Protection Seminar
  23. Gun Threat Defense Training
  24. Knife Threat Defense Workshop
  25. Corporate Krav Maga Self-Defense Workshop (private)
  26. 3rd Party Protection Seminar, with Active Shooter
  27. Women’s Weapons Threat & Self-Defense Seminar
  28. Vehicle Seminar
  29. Street Fighting Seminar
  30. Krav Maga Law Enforcement Course (agency contract)
  31. Government Agency Self-Defense Workshop
  32. Women’s (private) Self-Defense Workshop
  33. Middle School Self-Defense Seminar
  34. Active Shooter Drills, local institutions in San Diego
  35. Women’s Teen Self-Defense Workshop (private)
  36. Mass Transit (Subway) Seminar – in New York City
  37. Women’s Self-Defense Seminar – in New York City
  38. Fire Service Self-Defense
  39. Street Robbery Defense Seminar
  40. Seminar, Military Course (4 days), CNRNW (agency contract)


Find Us

Our mailing address is:

KMSD, Inc.; P.O. Box 13453; La Jolla, CA 92039

Our Headquarters was established over 31 years ago in:

The Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center

4126 Executive Dr., La Jolla, CA 92037