KMSD will NOT post instructional videos online, anywhere. 

Krav Maga “instructors” who post demonstrations of, or “teach” krav maga techniques online, are training bad actors.

Bad guys are on the internet, too. Law Enforcement / Military personnel will confirm that criminals / enemy forces are learning to counter any techniques which are posted online by krav maga “instructors” who seek smartphone video celebrity status. 

KMSD honors Military, Law Enforcement, and law-abiding civilians by not providing online counter-training opportunities for criminals and enemies of the USA. Such postings are the sign of a struggling business, and a desperate attempt to gain customers (your money).

You can learn real Krav Maga from an experienced, qualified Instructor.

KMSD Promotional Video

5.11 Tactical Stryke pants, featuring the KMSD Video / Photo Team


Law Enforcement training provided by KMSD, featured by KPBS on their radio program, website, and TV program.
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KMSD Fire Service Self-Defense Seminar covered by NBC7 TV San Diego.


KMSD Military Krav Maga Seminar at NASNI